What Does Your Business Need?

We love QuickBooks Online! No more spending hours sifting through receipts for your accountant, with QuickBooks Online, they just log in!


Not sure where to start or what you need? Let’s crate a plan to simplify your books! Sometimes all you need is a plan… and this is it.

We will go through everything from what to track to what to do with all that paperwork. Then we provide you with a step by step plan to get you simplified! You can take the report and run with it OR hire us to help take care of the simplifying.

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Starting at $125

– Phone call to discuss current systems & needs

– Document review

– Step by Step report to get you started!

– $50 credit towards QuickBooks Online Setup



The right setup makes all the difference for your bookkeeping! If your not setup right from the start, tax time can be a nightmare!

If you are a DIY kinda entrepreneur this will get you all setup to accurately track your books.. Or.. you can move from this setup right into a monthly package so you don’t have to do it yourself!

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Starting at $410

– Planning bookkeeping needs & wants

– Activating & customizing QBO file

– Developing customized chart of accounts

– Setting up business bank accounts & linking to QBO

– Customizing basic invoice template

– Setting up client/customer list

– First month of data entered

– 30 minute training call



This service is a life saver to every business who doesn’t start with us in January… which is about 95% of our clients.

We will take all your previous bank statements and records and recreate everything as if you had started with us in January, Tax time will be a breeze! We can even clean up your data if you already have a QBO file you have been working in.

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Starting at $125/hour – Hourly package discounts available

– Recreate & Reconcile all data for Jan to Current

– Recreate client/customer records

– Recreate payroll data from outside companies

– Consult with accountant to provide accurate balance sheet

– Provide simple, accurate Profit & Loss report for year to date



This is your worry free monthly bookkeeping service. You just run your business and we take care of tracking it. When end of year comes we give your accountant the log in… it’s that simple!

This monthly package includes everything you need monthly, quarterly, and end of year. One monthly cost with no end of year “surprise” bill!

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Starting at $245/month

– Enter all transactions for month

– Review all categories used on each transaction

– Reconcile all business accounts in QBO

– Review Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss reports

– Paperless report package, includes all reports & bank statements

– End of month phone meeting as needed

– QBO support

– Quarterly data  reviews

– End of year data review

– Working with Accountant to track all your tax records



Do you or your staff need help navigating QBO? We can teach you exactly what you need to know and answer all your questions… remotely!

QBO does so much and it can be overwhelming to figure out which pieces your business actually needs… let us do that for you!

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Starting at $125/hour – Hourly package discounts available



Do you find yourself asking, “Ugh, were is that paper!?!”

We can setup a system so you know where to find & file each one… no guess work.

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Starting at $125/hour – Hourly package discounts available



Do you pay contractors/service providers to help you in your business? If they are not on your payroll, they need a 1099 tax form!

This end of year add on service will take care of this IRS requirement. Don’t wait until end of year to start working on this one!

More Details

Starting at $165

– Data for 1099s reviewed

– Direction gathering all info required

– All forms processed & printed

– Forms sent to vendors and IRS


Payroll services offered based on location