Client Stories

Simplify Your Books has been an invaluable resource to both myself and my husbands company for over four years now! Prior to her stepping in we were both an unorganized mess operating at a high level of business, myself with employees and no good accounting structure, streamlined payroll or monthly reconcile for my accountant. Stephanie quickly took over and put systems into place, trained my employees and we are now a smoother operation. Thanks so much Stephanie!!

Trish & Richard Mills
RE/MAX Results

I am a new small business owner who created a start-up retail business this past year. One of the best decisions I made as a business owner was hiring Stephanie with Simplify Your Books. I know my industry inside and out, but keeping the books, handling payroll, and even payroll taxes was completely forgien to me. Bringing Stephanie on before we even opened our doors allowed me to focus on marketing my business, working with my employees and doing what I do best. Meanwhile, Stephanie set up our entire company, payroll, tax reminders, monthly reconciliation and overall made sure all our profits and expenses were taken care of in the most effective way. Without Simplify Your Books, my business would be a daily struggle to keep up with. Thank you Stephanie for bringing me peace of mind and allowing me the time I need to focus on growing my business.

Allison Jachowski
HotFired Arts

Stephanie’s expertise is what a very busy contractor needs to stay on track. I could not run my business efficiently without the help of Stephanie Kennedy and Simply Your Books. My wife and I tried taking care of monthly payroll taxes ourselves but found it too time consuming and frustrating. Stephanie’s monthly payroll service is a lifesaver for us! Also, when we need help with our QuickBooks, she always responds to our needs very quickly and efficiently.

Rick Friend
Buildmark Remodeling & Construction Inc

Before I met Stephanie, my version of bookkeeping was inconsistent note taking and blind faith that I was going to make enough money each month to cover my bills. Stephanie motivated me to streamline my inefficient techniques, organize my expenses and generally take my finances more seriously. Now that she’s set me up with Quickbooks, I feel like an empowered business owner who’s making a real and tangible profit. Stephanie has made the daunting task or organizing my finances a simple pleasure. She’s open to using the tools that I’m most familiar with. In other words, she’s nudged me towards positive change without pushing me out of my comfort zone. I am grateful for her help.

Rebecca Pollock
Rebecca Pollock Designs

After being in business for myself for 4 years full-time, the writing was on the wall: my bookkeeping skills just weren’t cutting it, and I always held my breath as I reconciled QuickBooks each month. I thought that bringing on a bookkeeper was going to be a lengthy and expensive process, so I kept doing everything myself. When I was introduced to Stephanie’s site and had a consultant call with her, I realized (a) she’d set-up my QuickBooks Online account for me with minimal headaches (b) she could help me on a monthly basis without it breaking the bank (c) there is such a thing as a finance person who can speak in layman’s terms without being condescending (and have a nice personality to boot!). With just a few weeks of working together under our belt, I already know that Stephanie was one of my best hiring decisions.

Michelle Ward
When I Grow Up Coach LLC

After just one conversation with Stephanie, my money house was back in order!

Amber McCue

Stephanie and her work with her company, Simplify Your Books, are AMAZING, pure and simple. As a busy, business owner, always putting my clients needs first, I found that following up on my own daily, weekly and monthly accounting was constantly being put on the back burner with the thought that “I’ll get to it when I have time”. Stephanie came in like a SWAT team and turned that around. She set me up in QuickBooks Online, taught me to use it and meets with me monthly to go over the Profit & Loss & other reports. I am able to make better business decisions at any given time – purely because of her impact on the efficiency of my company. That’s not all she does, though. I told her that this business is very task & process driven – so she worked with me to set up the checklists and systems that I would need to hire a virtual assistant! I would recommend Stephanie Kennedy and her company “Simplify Your Books” to any owner/ entrepreneur who wants to grow their business and take it to the next level!

Cheryl Poirier
RE/MAX Results

Stephanie has provided bookkeeping services for several years and has been very helpful in better organizing and systematizing the business aspects for me. She has handled payroll, filed tax reports, and in general handled a myriad of bookkeeping tasks. She has taken on a number of tasks willingly and has never hesitated to jump in and take care of whatever bookkeeping task was needed. I recommend Stephanie without hesitation.

Nils W. Olson
Nils W. Olson, DDS, FAACD, MAGD, PA

Stephanie has been great for our business. She has helped us save money by tracking where all of our money was going. All of the systems we had before seemed very complicated and she brought everything together and made it very simple to understand our finances and made it very easy to keep everything clean and organized. She has always been very patient when teaching new things to us even though we understand nothing about computers. Before Stephanie helped organize our finances for our business we would spend weeks organizing and figuring everything out for taxes. Now we spend an hr getting it all ready because she has made it very simple to find what we need. I would highly recommend her to anyone and you won’t find anyone else with the knowledge she has for the price she charges.

Teresa Summers & Jeff Greenwood
Summers Farm