Answers to your Questions:

What software is used? We use QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Online Payroll to provide our services. Here is the link to check it out *******

Will I have to purchase software? Yes. QuickBooks Online is a monthly subscription ranging from $18-$40 per month. This software allows us and our clients to work in live data at all times and is fulling backed up and secured by Intuit. It allows you to access your data from you mobile device / tablets so you can still work on the go!

Why QuickBooks Online instead of the other online software’s? There are a few reason’s. I am a Certified ProAdvisor for the QuickBooks Online Software, so I know it like the back of my hand! It has been around the longest with a great track record of constant improvements. I have looked at most of the other software’s out there, since I am always looking for new solutions, and QuickBooks Online always seems to have features the others are lacking. Lots of Apps & other software integrate with QuickBooks Online. Finally, QuickBooks is the software widely used by Accountants which makes working with your accountant much easier.

 Shouldn’t I just do the bookkeeping myself if I know how to track it? You can, but what else could you do in/for your business with the time you save by not doing your bookkeeping? As your business grows, time consuming tasks, such as bookkeeping, are better outsourced to people who love that kind of work. Just because you can do something, doesn’t necessary mean you need to do it. Your time is valuable!